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Is your garden or outdoor furniture looking old? You can now get a wide range of wooden garden furniture from the expert team at A & R Wood Products Ltd. 

We use premium quality wood and have the expertise to manufacture bespoke designs. From benches and chairs to planters and tables, you can rely on us to provide excellent options. All of our furniture is fully tantalised and weather-proof so it is built to last.

For top-quality garden furniture including wooden picnic benches in the Aberdare, South Wales, London and neighbouring areas call:
01685 886 647
Lee: 07863 351 165, Adrian: 07517 466 028

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Buying your garden furniture directly from us saves you money and you can also get made-to-measure furniture tailored to your requirements. No matter what your order size we are happy to help. 

As well as garden furniture we also offer a wide range of furniture design and manufacture to domestic and commercial clients and upholsterers.

Take a look at some furniture designs that we have created over the years. For more information please contact us today.
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